April 24, 2009

abstract water worldProverbs 18:21 (The Message) says, “Words kill, words give life; they’re either poison or fruit – you choose.” 

We need a good filter! For our mind to function properly, it’s vital to filter our words before we speak. O, how I wish I would always think before I speak! We do not want to be one of those people who speak their minds whenever and wherever.

Our words can be “damaging” or “developmental”! Lifeless words damage others and yourself. Words that add value “develop” our purpose and destiny.

When water comes out of the faucet, it may taste fine, but when it is filtered it becomes pure. The more we filter our thoughts and our words before we speak, the purer they will become. Pure words produce positive life.

We want to filter and think before we speak, so that we add value! We do not want to cause hurt or pain unintentionally or hastily by speaking words without recognizing the power of their influence. Choose today to speak love!       -Larry 


Adding Value

January 14, 2009



Never take something out of someone, put something IN them.

What kinds words or nice action can you do today that will brighten the day for another? Amazingly, it is the simple words that are filled with love that can make the biggest differences in someone world. Stop and think about the people, who took time to listen, encourage, and befriend you.  I’m so thankful for what has been deposited in me because of the investments of others.

Become that person that others want to “be with you” versus “be away from you.”

We make a living by what we get; we make a life by what we give.  –Winston Churchill

Expand your circle of love.  God’s love never fails… -Larry

Café Au Lait and Beignets

December 3, 2008

In New Orleans, the famous Café Du Monde coffee and Beignets (French donut) Stand is a 365 day/year-24 hour/day operation.  The Café Au Lait coffee is the best in the world.  I love that place and have most likely eaten 1,000’s of those beignets over the course of my life.

Just recently, I was back home visiting family, speaking at a church, and attending the Monday night Saints football.  A high priority stop I had planned was to go to Café Du Monde to live it up and scarf down beignets (You never count calories while visiting N’Awlins).  You know it’s good when your finished and you have the evidence of powdered sugar all over your face and shirt. And then, I heard my mother’s voice inside of me saying, “A little sugar makes things a whole lot sweeter.”

That’s Truth!   The world and those we come into contact with everyday need “just a little bit of sugar.”  KINDNESS makes everything a lot sweeter.  If you visit Café Du Monde and get an order of beignets, they will be covered with powdered sugar- it’s the magic.  It gets everywhere and everywhere; and you will leave with a remembered experience. So, I ask, what’s sprinkling from your life? Will your time with others be a “remembered experience” or a “regretful experience?”

Blaise Pascal said, “Kind words do not cost much. Yet they accomplish much.” So when you come into contact with someone, just remember to sprinkle some kindness on him or her. This endeavor can be a 365 day/year-24 hour/day moment.

·      You’ll never realize the impact of a smile.

·      You’ll never realize the impact of a ‘thank you.’

·      You’ll never realize the impact of a ‘How are you today’ and really listen.

·      You’ll never realize the impact of a “God Bless You!”

Making a difference occurs one KIND act at a time.  What you sow, you will reap. As agents of God’s love- Let’s shower others with some sugar (LOVE)!  – larry


October 22, 2008

TWISTER! You played the Twister board game before?  Just a few days ago I was playing Twister with my two little daughters, 8 and 10 (my two teenaged girls no longer think it’s cool to play twister with dad…life is going by too fast).  We were having fun, well they were having fun, I was just enjoying laughing and playing with them- truthfully it gets painful having to squat down in crazy stances for a long time.  So, I caused myself to fall and just become the spinner (that’s freedom for me).  Next, my one daughter leg-pushed the other one down, and then I heard, “Why did you do that stupid?”  All right, no major crime, but a poor choice of words.  Next, came time for the “daddy” life-lesson.

Psalm 19:14 >>>May the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be pleasing in your sight, 
O Lord, my Rock and my Redeemer.

The game, Twister takes no account for our mouth. The words of our mouth are related to the area of our “self-control quotation.”  Many times, I have let my words fly off and cause damage. I am learning to be careful with all my words. Most times I succeed, and other times, I need to re-examine and repent. 

WORDS coming forth from our mouths can:  1) HURT, 2) HEAL, 3) HELP, or bring 4) HOPE.  Make it a point to cause your words to be be full of life and lift others up.  Be thoughtful in the placement of your words, just like in the twister game, or you’ll come crashing down on someone you love.   Larry