March 19, 2009

yelling1Do you ever feel that there is so much information that you can’t keep up with everything going on? The information overload syndrome. 

Too many times, I have found my time with God to be focused on getting information and putting Bible facts in my head as opposed to simply spending time in intimacy with God, in order to have my heart filled with His love and His grace.

At times, Kim and I have gone out on a dinner date and I find myself filling her with facts instead of just sitting there listening, enjoying her presence.

Do you find yourself spending time with God for knowledge’s sake verses spending time with God simply for intimacy? I find that if I center my time on information and not intimacy, I will limit God’s voice speaking into my life.

 I’m learning the truth of Psalms 46:10 which says, “ Be still and know that I am God…”

I have found that it is not so much reading my Bible or going through my prayer list that brings me into greater intimacy. My best times with God are sitting on my bench in the morning or taking a walk with Him. It’s times of just being quiet and knowing His voice and how much He loves me. I believe God wants us to be transformed in His presence.

 My thought is that instead of spending time with God on a transactional basis, where I give something to God and God gives something to me, I’m preferring to spend time with God on a transformational basis where His love transforms me into His image and His power.      -Larry 



October 22, 2008

TWISTER! You played the Twister board game before?  Just a few days ago I was playing Twister with my two little daughters, 8 and 10 (my two teenaged girls no longer think it’s cool to play twister with dad…life is going by too fast).  We were having fun, well they were having fun, I was just enjoying laughing and playing with them- truthfully it gets painful having to squat down in crazy stances for a long time.  So, I caused myself to fall and just become the spinner (that’s freedom for me).  Next, my one daughter leg-pushed the other one down, and then I heard, “Why did you do that stupid?”  All right, no major crime, but a poor choice of words.  Next, came time for the “daddy” life-lesson.

Psalm 19:14 >>>May the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be pleasing in your sight, 
O Lord, my Rock and my Redeemer.

The game, Twister takes no account for our mouth. The words of our mouth are related to the area of our “self-control quotation.”  Many times, I have let my words fly off and cause damage. I am learning to be careful with all my words. Most times I succeed, and other times, I need to re-examine and repent. 

WORDS coming forth from our mouths can:  1) HURT, 2) HEAL, 3) HELP, or bring 4) HOPE.  Make it a point to cause your words to be be full of life and lift others up.  Be thoughtful in the placement of your words, just like in the twister game, or you’ll come crashing down on someone you love.   Larry