IMAGINE IF…The Dream Becomes Reality!

October 26, 2010

Tuesday night is usually “Family Night” in the Bettencourt home. We have dinner with our 4 girls, turn off the TV, cell phones and the computers and just hangout and play a game. Last night we played the IMAGINE IF game and had lots of fun.

Have you ever imagined running a marathon? Well it starts with talking a walk around the park and setting a goal to run a 5K race. Have you ever imagined shedding 10 pounds? Well it starts with simple decisions to cut back on 100 calories a day. Whatever you can imagine, you can do.

Have you ever imagined finding a place that loves and accepts you for who you are, not for what you do or have done? Well, we have not only imagined it, but we will purpose to create an environment where God’s grace and love will overwhelm you.  We wholeheartedly believe that “There is nothing you can do to make God love you more and there is nothing you have done to make God love you less.”

Over 18 months ago, Kim and I started sensing the Call of the Lord to start a church in Chippewa Township of Beaver Falls, PA. This dream of planting a church and doing our part to reach and love people is now a reality. In about 6 months, on April 17, 2011, “the dream becomes reality.”

Our hope and desire is that CHAMPION LIFE CHURCH will fulfill its part along with other wonderful churches in our area to “tell the GOOD NEWS that God so loves the world and He sent Jesus Christ, His Son to be our Savior.” Another desire is that we want to see that others believe that their dream can become a reality, also.

If you are interested in finding more out about the vision of Champion Life Church, our launch team gatherings, our informational meetings times and dates, please email us at LB.CHAMPIONLIFE@GMAIL.COM or call the office at 724-473-2213. We would be so glad to serve you in any way.

Hey, don’t ever forget that God created you to love you and desires that you would believe that you are destined to win!                                                              ~Larry and Kim Bettencourt, lead pastors




February 20, 2009

restart-screen1You’re sitting at your desk, looking at your computer screen, and trying to view a news clip or movie preview. After what seems like hours of waiting, it suddenly dawns on you that maybe, just maybe, there are too many applications open. There are so many applications open that everything is simply overloaded. Maybe, it’s time to reboot.

Are you “ON” all the time? Are you always available 24/7? Do you always say, “Yes”? Sometimes we get so busy building “OUR” kingdom and forget its all for “HIS” kingdom.  We are here on this earth to build the kingdom of God. Amazingly, we are “HEIRS” to the Kingdom of God! 


What you maintain in your own ability, you have to sustain in your own ability. 


Take time to “REBOOT.”  When you reboot you restart: restarting is refreshing.  God wants you refreshed.  Live in grace in the ability of God.  Relying on my ability cause me to end up short. By tapping into His grace / ablity, you will accomplish more than you can imagine.

Lamentations 3:22-23 The LORD’S loving kindnesses indeed never cease, for His compassions never fail.  They are new every morning; Great is Your faithfulness.

Sometimes, we need to interrupt our “routines” in order to gain proper perspective.  Sleep in. Take a nature walk.  Do a lunch-date with your spouse instead with the work gang. Pick your son or daughter early from school and go get some ice cream. Read something just for fun and not information. Take a new route. Mundane routines lead to mundane lives.

Today is a new day, go and enjoy it!  – Larry 


January 28, 2009

assumptionLife happens! Time flies bye.  I have just finished a two-year master’s in organizational leadership program.  In my view the time went fast.  On the other hand, in the view of my wife, Kim and daughters it was a long time with lots of hours of reading and writing.  I made the assumption that our views of time were the same.  Basically, an assumption is  “something taken for granted.”

It gets so easy to make assumptions about the most important people in our lives.  No one likes to be taken for granted.  Usually you do not take others for grated on purpose, you just get so caught up in “eating the elephant” that you end up with your eyes on the less important. 

 “Assumptions are the termites of relationships.” Henry Winkler

Two helpful tips to fill the holes assumptions create:

  1. Showing “Appreciation” and saying “Thank You.”
  2. Knowing when to take the time to do what matters most- “Communicate and Listen.”

(To my wife: Kimmie, I say, THANK YOU for your unselfish, faithful, caring, committed heart… I Love You.)

So be reminded, become a bit more intentional about the value of relationships.  “No one likes to be an assumption.”  


What would you say is a tip to fill the holes that assumptions create? 


December 27, 2008

epcot-disneyJust recently, my daughter Anna and I were in Disney’s EPCOT.  I love Disney.  My family and I have had to joy of going to Disney numerous times.  It’s awesome because my N’Awlins childhood friend/brother, Joe Saragusa’s is a pastor of an awesome church in Celebration, FL (free housing), and his wife; Carol works at Disney (free tickets).  Epcot decorated for Christmas, the warm Florida night air, the magical closing fireworks, and being with Anna and the Sargusa’s made for an awesome evening.

At Disney, you always are taken back by the care and quality of the parks attention to detail to provide you with the ultimate experience.  It’s the way they go about things.  Disney never closes… they just let you know the park is open to this _x_ time. 

What separates Disney from the rest of the parks in the world is its EXCELLENCE.  Excellence in appearance, service, and experience. Their approach to making you feel valuable and important is top notch.  As a matter of fact, our Father God is more than that. God is a God of excellence and so are you to God.  Genesis 1:31, after God made man, he stopped and looked over His most precious creation and said, “It is VERY good.”  You matter to God.

Look an excellence from another view.  In 1 Corinthians 12:31 “And now I will show you the most excellent way.”   

Just before this verse, it tells us about the gifts, talents, and callings we have for the Kingdom of God, however without love our service ends up being in vain. Love must come before your gifting. Try being excellent in the way you love people. 

Your calling is limited without LOVE. 

Excellence is a habit! It’s intentional. Loving others as the way that God loves and sees them is a habit. It’s intentional. Take excellence a step further by loving people and seeing people the way our Father God loves and sees you.

  • See people’s HEART not just their habits.
  • See people’s DESTINY not just their deficits.
  • See people’s POTENTIAL not just their problems.
  • See what people CAN DO not just what they can’t do.

Just think if you intentionally onetime each week for one year make a decision to show love to someone, you will have made a difference in lives of over 50 people- this is a New Year resolution.  Become excellent in the way you love.  By this you will model to others a more excellent way.  Live strong by loving strong!  -Larry

Merry Christmas- The Family Pic

December 24, 2008



November 19, 2008

bull_runWhat are you chasing? Or more reality, what’s chasing you? Ever feel like the guy in this picture?  Running so fast from it all, you hope you just make it.  This is an annual event in Spain called the “Running of the Bulls.”  Seems fun? Seems stupid to me?    

Chasing after what?  Deadlines? Undone assignments? Bills? You name it, whatever?  “Life happens fast.” Instead of being lead by the Spirit, we are lead by the urgent or need to accomplish or please.  Our minds get racing and chasing. What matters most is chasing after the heart of the Father!

A while back, I was playing some game with my two of my little daughters.  At least three times, Rebekah had to say, “Dad, it is your turn.”  Finally, she got my upset, and said, “Hey, would you PAY ATTENTION.”  Ouch! Rebuked by a 6 year old.  I wish I could have blamed it on my A.D.D., if I had it (many say I do).  Needless to say, that moment woke me up to begin to consciously S-L-O-W down.  What’s the hurry?  So go ahead and take some time today and schedule what I call- “Making Difference Time.”  Go and have coffee with your spouse.  Take a walk.  Spend a day with your parents. Call an older, wiser, lonely friend.  Play a board game.  Oh, all of this is better, if you can turn off the cell phone and computer.

If I’m not careful to “BE” fully aware of my life and day, I can get so caught up chasing after whatever or the whatever is chasing after me, that I miss the significance of the new day that God has given to me. We can get so chasing after good stuff: doing for God, serving at the church/community, school stuff, etc.  However, I’m growing intentionally to enjoy just BEING in the moment wherever I am.  It is OK and legal just to “chill” from it all.  We live in this technologically advanced, cool world, but if we are not careful, we can get caught up in the “high tech and low touch” syndrome and miss moments from His presence and relationship.  STOP DOING AND JUST BE!   -Larry


October 30, 2008

“Go Speed Racer, Go Speed Racer, Go Speed Racer go….”  Growing up (like I have finished), the Speed Racer cartoon was my favorite.  Wow, I would watch every episode. The excitement of Speed, Racer X, Sparky, the monkey, etc. was for me adventure in everyday.  That’s what I call the simple life: TV in the 70’s.   

As I recall while reflecting upon my life, I acquired an “addiction to speed.” By speed, I mean the rate at which I fly and move through life; not “speed” like the drug.  But honestly, I have acted so impatiently at times, it may have appeared that I  was drugged up.  I have missed so many opportunities and memories because I was there, but not there.  All I wanted to do is finish my list and get to the next event.  I used to hurry to do nothing.  As the saying goes, “Speed kills.”  Speed sure can kill times with God, times with love ones, and times of being used by the Holy Spirit. 

By growth and becoming fully present, I have learned (and still am learning) to SLOW DOWN and obey the speed limits- the God set ones, the natural ones, and the traffic ones (well, that’s an area of struggle).  

ENJOY THE JOURNEY!!! This has been a personal motto of mine for over 5 years.  I have learned to call TIME OUT and hit PAUSE.  Making this principle a part of my life, I have enjoyed more times with my wife; enjoyed more of my girl’s games and school concerts; enjoyed bed time prayers, enjoyed more sunrises; and enjoyed more of our immediate family’s soup picnics. 

So it is time to HURRY UP and stop doing some things.  Engage in what counts!  3 reminders: Enjoy Family, Enjoy Friends, and Enjoy the Walk of Faith. – Larry

Psalm 46:10 says, “Be still, and know that I am God.”   It’s a “Walk of Faith.”