December 27, 2008

epcot-disneyJust recently, my daughter Anna and I were in Disney’s EPCOT.  I love Disney.  My family and I have had to joy of going to Disney numerous times.  It’s awesome because my N’Awlins childhood friend/brother, Joe Saragusa’s is a pastor of an awesome church in Celebration, FL (free housing), and his wife; Carol works at Disney (free tickets).  Epcot decorated for Christmas, the warm Florida night air, the magical closing fireworks, and being with Anna and the Sargusa’s made for an awesome evening.

At Disney, you always are taken back by the care and quality of the parks attention to detail to provide you with the ultimate experience.  It’s the way they go about things.  Disney never closes… they just let you know the park is open to this _x_ time. 

What separates Disney from the rest of the parks in the world is its EXCELLENCE.  Excellence in appearance, service, and experience. Their approach to making you feel valuable and important is top notch.  As a matter of fact, our Father God is more than that. God is a God of excellence and so are you to God.  Genesis 1:31, after God made man, he stopped and looked over His most precious creation and said, “It is VERY good.”  You matter to God.

Look an excellence from another view.  In 1 Corinthians 12:31 “And now I will show you the most excellent way.”   

Just before this verse, it tells us about the gifts, talents, and callings we have for the Kingdom of God, however without love our service ends up being in vain. Love must come before your gifting. Try being excellent in the way you love people. 

Your calling is limited without LOVE. 

Excellence is a habit! It’s intentional. Loving others as the way that God loves and sees them is a habit. It’s intentional. Take excellence a step further by loving people and seeing people the way our Father God loves and sees you.

  • See people’s HEART not just their habits.
  • See people’s DESTINY not just their deficits.
  • See people’s POTENTIAL not just their problems.
  • See what people CAN DO not just what they can’t do.

Just think if you intentionally onetime each week for one year make a decision to show love to someone, you will have made a difference in lives of over 50 people- this is a New Year resolution.  Become excellent in the way you love.  By this you will model to others a more excellent way.  Live strong by loving strong!  -Larry