Hands lifted upKingdom deposits make eternal investments.

Recently, I had a banking conversation with my daughter Bethany. We talked about making deposits into her account that will service her in the future. I was reminded that taking care of God’s kingdom is making life deposits into others lives. What we do now, definitely impacts the future!

What we do and what we say influences the kingdom of God. By showing the same love to those around you that God has shown and given you, you are making kingdom deposits. Never underestimate the act of a simple, loving decision. Simply lending a helping hand, speaking kindly to a sales attendant, or sharing your faith and experience of God’s love and grace to a coworker all makes a difference.

Live life on purpose.

In Matthew 6:33 (GWT), the Word says, “But first, be concerned about His kingdom and what has His approval. Then all these things will be provided for you.”

Let’s live kingdom minded, making deposits. Daily kingdom deposits make eternal investments.

–       Larry



  1. Michael says:

    Hi pastor Larry,
    I was given a copy of your book, “Put it Behind You” yesterday. I met your mom Ann too. She told me about you and recommended that I to contact you. I believe your mom had given your book to another lady in church that day, but God put it on her heart to give it to me and she introduced me to your mom.
    They announced in church yesterday that Kami, my wife, and I would be the new youth pastors. We’re both school teachers, but neither of us has ever done something like this in church. I was hoping you could give us some advice and recommend some resources that could help us do the job we’ve been given.

    Thanks and God bless you,

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