bull_runWhat are you chasing? Or more reality, what’s chasing you? Ever feel like the guy in this picture?  Running so fast from it all, you hope you just make it.  This is an annual event in Spain called the “Running of the Bulls.”  Seems fun? Seems stupid to me?    

Chasing after what?  Deadlines? Undone assignments? Bills? You name it, whatever?  “Life happens fast.” Instead of being lead by the Spirit, we are lead by the urgent or need to accomplish or please.  Our minds get racing and chasing. What matters most is chasing after the heart of the Father!

A while back, I was playing some game with my two of my little daughters.  At least three times, Rebekah had to say, “Dad, it is your turn.”  Finally, she got my upset, and said, “Hey, would you PAY ATTENTION.”  Ouch! Rebuked by a 6 year old.  I wish I could have blamed it on my A.D.D., if I had it (many say I do).  Needless to say, that moment woke me up to begin to consciously S-L-O-W down.  What’s the hurry?  So go ahead and take some time today and schedule what I call- “Making Difference Time.”  Go and have coffee with your spouse.  Take a walk.  Spend a day with your parents. Call an older, wiser, lonely friend.  Play a board game.  Oh, all of this is better, if you can turn off the cell phone and computer.

If I’m not careful to “BE” fully aware of my life and day, I can get so caught up chasing after whatever or the whatever is chasing after me, that I miss the significance of the new day that God has given to me. We can get so chasing after good stuff: doing for God, serving at the church/community, school stuff, etc.  However, I’m growing intentionally to enjoy just BEING in the moment wherever I am.  It is OK and legal just to “chill” from it all.  We live in this technologically advanced, cool world, but if we are not careful, we can get caught up in the “high tech and low touch” syndrome and miss moments from His presence and relationship.  STOP DOING AND JUST BE!   -Larry


2 Responses to CHASING???

  1. Bobby Patterson says:

    Larry it is so true, we get caught up in life that, you dont take the time to focus on anything, I a plumbing Manager for a Big Company here in Nashville, My life is full of dead lines and spread sheets, that life is so slipping by, Work so consumes me sometimes, that i miss, dinners, one on one time with my son Noah, and my Wife. I need to make time for them and my self, It is so good to see pictures of you, I rem, you as such a strong christian man, I try to live that walk, good to see ya
    stay in touch
    Bobby Patterson

  2. chris says:

    Amen. I continually encourage teens to read Ecclesiastes. Solomon write that for the young members of his court. I tell teens its the Teenager Survival Manual. Solomon learned (the hard way) that chasing after anything else but God is like “chasing after the wind”. He continually uses that term throughout Ecclesiastes. I love that. Wind has no substance. It can never be attained or grasped. And as Solomon says 32 times in that book…its meaningless! Everything has its place “under the sun,” but lets chase after God!!

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